Crafting the Procurement Blueprint for Tomorrow: A Paradigm Shift Towards AI and New Technologies

AI dynamics, strategic agility, and talent excellence blend seamlessly to redefine the standards of industry success — what is the future of procurement landscape?


Shannon Hore

Senior VP Procurement & Logistics

In your opinion, what emerging trends or technologies have the potential to impact the field of procurement and supply chain management? How do you stay updated on these advancements?

I believe AI has the opportunity to have the biggest influence. Examples such as ChatGPT are already having an impact — assisting companies to better write scopes or requirement statements, assisting in the approach to analysis, assisting in market research — all of these help to address the time challenges in the overall process cycle time and can tap into a global database of information.

How does the future model of procurement look? What steps for modernisation are being taken today?

The future model is extremely agile and responsive to the business demand, but, at the same time, it is able to mitigate supply risk and business continuity challenges in real-time.

How is your company coping with the challenge of recruitment and upskilling new sourcing and procurement talents?

We work hard to attract and select the best talents — this may not always be from a technical perspective but also from a team dynamics and “fit” perspective.  We prefer to invest in direct coaching and mentoring — providing our staff with very valuable “on-the-job” experience from highly talented business leaders.

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Short Speaker BIO:

Shannon is a qualified executive in Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics Management. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing global and regional sourcing strategies for critical and non-critical goods, services and assets, encompassing spending of more than $4b.

Shannon’s career spans multiple sectors, including retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, aluminium and steel sectors. Currently he is operating in the aviation sector. 

Shannon has led extensive transformation programmes to drive value improvement and process enhancement along the full spectrum of the Procure-to-Pay process, creating value across the Supply Chain.

Additionally, Shannon is a Board Advisor for a UAE based Marine Conservation organisation, AZRAQ — a non-profit marine conservation organisation registered in the UAE, whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and loss of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to defend, conserve and protect ecosystems and species.