Decoding Pharma’s Future: A Discourse on AI, Data, and Patient-Centric Excellence

Roche Turkey’s leader offers a sneak peek into the world of pharma innovation, sharing insights on AI strategy and patient-centric care.


Gizem Kedici Özbayraç

Chief Business, Digital, Data and Agility Officer

How has the use of big data and analytics influenced decision-making processes and commercial success in your organisation?

Data-driven decision-making has been a key priority for Roche for the last few years, mainly due to exponential growth in AI and analytics infrastructure and capabilities but also driven by the need for a deeper understanding of complex commercial data. Now that the customer engagement has evolved into multichannel driven omni experience models, the right measurements are becoming more critical. All this integrated data today gives us the chance to be informed, to understand the needs and respond, as well as make business decisions.

With a shift towards more patient-centric care, how is your organisation leveraging digital tools to enhance patient engagement and outcomes?

First of all, supporting the delivery of digital solutions that ease disease area management in terms of patient as well as physician points of view is critical. All these digitally enriched patient services or support programmes help to respond to the most urgent needs in the disease journey. So, as Roche, we listen to needs and support the development of solutions around them. For instance, the double control principle in radiology is causing a delayed diagnosis, so we can support providing image recognition tools to automate the first control.

Agility is often challenging in highly regulated industries like pharma. How do you balance the need for rapid innovation with the stringent regulatory requirements in this sector?

Agility has been, on the contrary, a big helper when it comes to innovation in the regulated area since it allows us to respond to changing market conditions or health policy shifts with flexible reorganisation. For example, during the pandemic lockdown, to ease the need for continuous disease management, we held a series of ideation workshops and co-created remote healthcare solutions, including telemedicine and even safe hospital transfer as a PSP programme.

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Short Speaker BIO:

A generalist leader with 20+ years of international professional experience, first 10 in management consultancy and then leadership positions across domains and industries. Through that experience, she had the chance to implement the first-of-a-kind technology adoption to improve business outcomes, mainly around artificial intelligence.

Currently responsible for business units, digital, data, agility and customer excellence in Roche Turkey.

Author of the Enterprise Agility book that was published with the Taylor & Francis Group and seminar lecturer about agility and artificial intelligence topics in two universities.

She is married and has a son.