Beyond Banking Boundaries: From Empowering Staff with Cutting-Edge Skills to Crafting Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Discover the enchanting fusion of skilled teams and omnichannel excellence. Are you prepared for the financial revolution?


Jacub Malach

Chief Retail Banking Officer

How do you ensure that retail banking staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to new technologies, and how does employee engagement contribute to the success of retail banking initiatives?

Raiffeisen Digital Bank is a young bank focused on developing a 100% digital retail banking proposition using a cutting-edge tech stack. Building a tech-centric business from the ground up necessitates a high level of hands-on technical expertise. That’s why we prioritise attracting talented experts, well skilled in financial technology, who have already had successful careers in fintech or neo-banks.

I believe that accelerating their learning curve and fostering high engagement is achieved by involving them in new and challenging projects, allowing them to witness the impact of their work on customers. People get best engaged when feeling they can achieve something remarkable and see their things making an impact.

How can a seamless and integrated customer journey be ensured across various touchpoints, both physical and digital, in the retail banking sector with the increasing importance of omnichannel experiences?

Raiffeisen Digital Bank is a mobile-first digital bank, aiming to simplify the complexity of touchpoints within an omnichannel setup to the bare minimum. Our mobile app serves as the sole product origination and self-service channel for all markets and products. In some cases, we facilitate a part of our loan origination journey via an embedded web-front to enhance the prospect’s experience. This web-front utilizes the same backend services as our mobile app, ensuring a 100% consistent design and user experience. In our single-channel setup, the majority of services are handled by customers themselves through self-service. Only a small portion requires assistance via a contact center through in-app chat.

User journeys are meticulously crafted and continuously refined to maximise funnel conversion. Funnel conversion poses a major challenge for any digital business, as customers often drop out without an easy way to bring them back. To address this challenge, we have developed advanced CRM campaigns that are instantly triggered, nurturing prospects and customers through our mobile app journeys with greater ease and confidence.

How do you address the issue of financial inclusion in retail banking? What initiatives or technologies do you employ to make banking services more accessible to a diverse customer base?

Our digital banking offering is dedicated, designed, and accessible to the widest possible prospect audience. Any individual with a smartphone and internet access can try our service by downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

We do not charge fees, eliminating barriers for anyone interested in trying our services. We continually strive to make access to our proposition as easy as possible, recognising the necessity for ease of access in a digital business. However, we acknowledge that our digital focus may present a challenge for some less digitally savvy customers. Efforts are ongoing to open our products to new customers, such as enabling self-employed individuals to apply for our loans.

Jakub Malach, one of the key experts at the conference, will present the case study titled “Building a Mobile-First Bank in a Greenfield Project.”

The 8th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit is scheduled for February 7–8 at the InterContinental Hotel Vienna. We look forward to your participation alongside fellow professionals in exploring new strategies and shaping the future of banking.

Short Speaker BIO:

Jakub, the founder of Raiffeisen Digital Bank, has been instrumental in the project since its inception. Presently, he oversees the bank’s new product development, digital marketing, customer relationship management, sales and distribution, and partnerships with e-commerce.

With over 20 years of experience, Jakub is an entrepreneur, system engineer, and bank builder. His mission is to listen to customer feedback and deliver solutions that not only meet but surpass customer expectations in terms of speed, simplicity, and convenience.