Navigating the Future with Strategic Partnerships, Agile Innovations, and Digital Excellence

Demystify the forces behind retail banking innovative technologies and approaches


Ignacio de Loyola Gil Puértolas

Head of Product and Partnership

How do you build and manage a strategic partnership ecosystem to enhance the bank's product offerings, and what criteria do you use to evaluate potential partners in the financial technology space?

Successfully building and managing strategic alliances takes time and effort.

On one hand, it is important to develop solid long-term relationships with your partners based on trust and transparency.

On the other hand, the financial and technological environment is evolving constantly, so we need to be flexible and adapt to new market conditions.

Regarding criteria for evaluating potential partners, I would point to: strategic alignment and common objectives, complementary capabilities, technology compatibility, financial stability, reputation, scalability and flexibility, user experience, customer support and SLAs to ensure that expectations related to performance and support are met, compliance with industry standards, and alignment in the costs and roadmap.

How do you implement agile principles in your product teams, and what advantages have you seen in terms of speed to market and adaptability to changing market conditions?

Since the launch of the digital value proposition for retail clients in Italy in 2021, we have used a customised agile approach that includes continuous product development based on a constant quarterly cycle, taking into account market analysis, identification of customers’ needs, prototyping, and testing, that helps us to deliver products and services in 3 months.

How can technology be used to drive product innovation in the banking industry during the ongoing digital transformation? What are the key considerations for developing digital products that meet both regulatory requirements and customer expectations?

The technology has to be used to create new products and services that will help financial entities offer a more simple, transparent, and secure value proposition for the final customers.

The key considerations are: market research, product validation, proof of concept, minimum viable product, go-to-market strategy, and scalability.

Prepare yourself for the enlightening experience with our distinguished speaker, Ignacio de Loyola Gil Puértolas, at the 8th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit, on 7 – 8 February 2024, at InterContinental Hotel Vienna.

Dive into the intricacies of his captivating case study, How to Enter a New Market with a Digital Customer-Centric Approach.

Short Speaker BIO:

Ignacio de Loyola Gil Puértolas has been working in the financial services and insurance sectors for more than 25 years in world-renowned banks and companies such as BBVA, Barclays, Aon, MoneyGram, Thomson Reuters, etc. He is a dynamic and creative person with ideas that contribute to improve business strategies, strongly oriented to results and with highly developed analytical and leadership skills. He is a mentor/advisor for different startups.

In his current role as Head of Product and Partnerships at BBVA Italy, Ignacio leads the digital customer value proposition, including product and strategic partnership agreements, launching new products and services and leveraging data and customer analytics. Also, he is always identifying trends and opportunities for collaboration in the ecosystem.