As AI Becomes an Expectation, How Can Businesses Innovate to Stay Ahead of the Curve?

AI isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about creating richer, more meaningful customer interactions


Alex Huggins

Director Technology Specialists International, Contact Centre AI

What unique challenges do you face when implementing contact centre AI solutions across different international markets?

  • Moving from legacy systems, organisation structures and habits:
    • There is often a reluctance to change / move to the Cloud as IT departments see it as a risk to their job and reason to be when they could be embracing it to re-skill
  • Underthinking Agent and User Experience
    • Tendency to migrate as-is rather than take advantage of new features to re-think the call flow and user eXperience

What upcoming developments in AI are you most excited about, and how do you plan to incorporate them into your work?

  • Generative AI allowing much richer user dialogs
    • Moving away from directed dialogs to truly conversational dialogs
  • AI in Security and Biometrics for more seamless verification and reducing fraud
    • Using audio from IVR or agent interaction to conduct ID&V in parallel rather than sequentially
    • Thwart new hack approaches using new-gen synthetic speech

Looking ahead, what are the next big trends in contact centre AI that businesses should be preparing for now?

  • Users being used to and expecting AI applications
    • Legacy systems will feel obsolete
  • Cloud and omnichannel
    • No more need to constantly update systems and applications
    • Truly seamless user navigation across channels

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Short Speaker BIO:

Alex brings extensive experience and expertise in the field of Contact Centre technology, with roles ranging from Analyst for the European Commission, Advisor to Contact Centre VP, Speech Project Manager, Sales Engineer and currently International Head of Contact Centre AI Specialists. Alex is trilingual in French/English/German and fluent in Spanish.