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Are we moving towards a “new normal” or rather the “next normal”?

How has the post-pandemic “new normal” been changing marketing and sales in pharma?

I actually don’t believe in the “new normal”. At best it is a “next normal” as small incremental things shift around us. However, I think the Pandemic shifted the Pharma companies that were not on the path of digitalizing to do so. Those who already were on the path got extra fuel for the transformation.
That is the fundamental thing that has shifted, but I also, unfortunately, see a return to “normal” more in the Pharma industry to the business model of the pre-pandemic. Which is something which is very human nature but potentially a big risk.

How do technology and digital solutions help provide the right information to patients?

They already do and have so for years. 320 billion health-related searches on YouTube in 2021 and Pharma is not doing very well on that platform. We are still coming into the digital age while the society around has already moved. If we want to offer value outside the product, we produce we need radical and sustainable innovation in the new digital age. Something we have not started tackling in the optimal way.

To what extent do you think will the sales and marketing models change in the immediate future? 

Quite radically and for most it has started. Pharma needs to invest a lot more in marketing and all the things it encompasses like digital channels, content, technology ecosystem, CX/UX capabilities, marketing automation etc. That could be added on top, or it could be through adjusting the organization towards a more marketing-driven go-to-market model.


Erasmus is also joining us as a speaker at our 12th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness & Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit, on 5th -6th October 2022, to present his case study “Move Fast and Break Things! Learn From Your Loss-Making Change Efforts & Innovation

Erasmus HOLM is now Nordic & Baltic Chief Marketing Officer for the leading Biopharmaceutical company MSD where he leads the transformation of the business as well as commercial responsibilities across the portfolio but with a special focus on Oncology. He worked prior 15+ years for successful global Technology & Consulting companies in all shapes and sizes, with driving sales and creates unique customer experiences. At hearth Erasmus is a Brand and Digital Marketing Strategist who partners with teams and colleagues to grow business and professional brands, making sure all along that B2B does not mean Boring 2 Boring.
Erasmus holds a BA in marketing/communications from Copenhagen Business School as well as several degrees within the commercial design.

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