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What Is The Equation Of Successful Digital Transformation?

You need to understand other industries as well, but most importantly, you have to be able to learn from your own mistakes and always strive to be better – and previous experience can help you with that!

What are the key enablers in successful digital transformation?

A healthy understanding of other industries and an externally focussed outlook are key. Your ability to transform will be limited if you only ever face inwards or spend too much time in the corporate ‘bubble’.
Secondly, it’s all about embracing failure, after all honesty & pain + reflection = progress. Lastly, I would say agility – true agility in thinking and in action…

What are the key steps in becoming more customer-centric?

Not being product centric, or semi-product centric…
I’ve seen one too many exercises in ‘customer-centric’ change programmes that are in fact product-centric with some element of customer voice thrown in. To be truly customer-centric, you need to solve your customer’s problem first, and then look at having your commercial conversation thereafter.

How to achieve meaningful multichannel engagement?

Firstly, it’s about content / service relevance, authenticity and a sprinkle of personality. People are people (even healthcare professionals would you believe), and you are going to be hard pressed to achieve any form of meaningful engagement without delivering on these three things.
Secondly, and, I appreciate this is a bit repetitive, it’s about solving your customer’s problems, taking away any burdens rather than adding to them.
Lastly, it’s about building deeper and meaningful relationship that is truly valued by both sides rather than a transactional relationship.

Ahmed Sidat is leading the Digital & Multichannel function at Janssen UK. He is a passionate evangelist for omnichannel customer engagement and all things digital. He still considers himself new to pharma after having worked at Janssen for (only) 6½ years! Prior to joining Janssen, Ahmed worked in the legal profession doing different things. Outside of work, Ahmed enjoys playing with (and breaking) all manners of gadgets, cycling up and down the many hills in and around Buckinghamshire and travelling to far off places.

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