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A whitepaper by FCG

Operational Risk and Resilience goes hand in hand. Download this whitepaper to find out FCG’s valuable insights on how to ensure, establish and maintain operational resilience while also being able to focus on business development and innovation. Discover the starting points and some Dos and Don’ts to provide guidance in navigating the subject of operational resilience:

  • Process mapping –Understand your business
  • Risk assessment –Understand your risks
  • Governance –Ensure a maintainable governance model

Download your free copy

FCG is a leading advisory, managed services and Tech firm in the Northern Europe Financial Service sector with focus on Governance, Risk and Compliance. FCG has unique insights having worked with approximately 700 clients – from the smaller investment boutiques and start-ups (FinTech) to the largest banks. Many of the FCG consultants have prior experience from the FSA or senior management positions from the client side which gives them a unique understanding when designing compliant and still cost-efficient solutions for their clients. FCG takes a hands-on approach with the presumption that every advice they give, they must also be able to implement.

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