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Claudio Mirti from Microsoft has shared his insights on how organisations are finding the need to establish governing practices to guide their AI efforts and much more in the interview below.

What are best practices for responsible AI?

The societal implications of AI and the responsibility of organisations to anticipate and mitigate unintended consequences of AI technology are significant. Considering this responsibility, organisations are finding the need to establish governing practices to guide their AI efforts, whether they are deploying third-party AI solutions or developing their own.

  • Choose a governance structure that best fits your organisation’s AI maturity, unique characteristics, culture, and business objectives
  • Encourage your governance system to develop a set of guiding ethical principles based on your organisation’s foundational values
  • Outline the specific role of your governance system within your organisation. Consider having them develop and implement policies, standards, and best practices, build a culture of integrity, provide advice, educate employees, help mitigate risks associated with AI systems, and respond to violations in a timely and consistent manner
  • Provide your governance system with the financial and human resources they need to affect real change within your organisation
  • Adapt your governance system(s) as your AI maturity and business objectives change and industry best practices improve

What role do humans play in the creation and use of AI?

Humans must decide how the AI model will be used and by whom, what training data to leverage, how that data is prepared, and which algorithms are selected. Humans must also decide on performance metrics for the AI system and monitor its performance over time.

Does more connected devices mean more attacks? How to stay secure in the age of Connected Everything?

Enabling highly secure and reliable communication between IoT applications and devices it is key. With our services, like Azure IoT Hub, we provide a cloud-hosted solution backend to connect virtually any device with built-in management and provisioning to connect and manage IoT devices at scale. This allows to retain the confidentiality.

Claudio Mirti has a customer-focused approach to leverage digital technologies to design and build innovative game-changing solutions. Also, he knows how data & AI can empower employees and ultimately help customers augment their business in new ways. Claudio works at Microsoft and is a founder of different courses in higher education in Switzerland and New York University with the focus on Design Thinking and AI.

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