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How to analyse the data and target the right people?

How does an effective marketing strategy with efficient use of data and analytics, data science and modelling look?

The use of data is essential for a targeted sales and marketing strategy. Especially for pharmaceutical companies that have developed drugs or applications for rare diseases, it does not make sense to generically target doctors with a certain speciality in the hope that one of these doctors treats patients with this rare disease. Rather, it is important to analyse the data and target the right doctor. This requires not only the availability of sufficient data, but also a platform with which the data can be accessed quickly and easily. The combination of GDS Data and the Brain Station’s Customer Data Platform leads to a better sales and marketing efficacy: sales reps do not lose time with approaching the wrong HCPs and the marketing team can use the data to steer marketing campaigns in a more targeted way.

How can cloud technology in your business area transform the pharma industry?

Cloud technology has already found its way into the pharma industry as in many other industries as well. By using the cloud technology, large amounts of data can be accessed by all relevant pharma company employees. Data can be sorted, classified, and filtered. The storage of data in the cloud also has advantages in the area of compliance. The BSCDP allows clients and their agencies to push their assets directly into the VeevaVault system and to steer the MLR process in the BSCDP. The BSCDP can be used as central data system for agencies, which can, e.g., store the biographies of KOLs for webinars centrally and transfer them directly to other systems such as compliance or webinar platforms through APIs.

How have your digital tools proved efficient in achieving a customer-centric approach to commercial excellence?

Our BSCDP connects webinar platforms to the Veeva CRM system for making the webinar data available in the CRM. The sales rep does not only find attendee data like the registration/participation of a HCP on his iPad, even the behavioral data like engagment, asked questions and survey behaviour is availabe to the sales rep. The webinar registration data entered by the HCP is used to update and enrich the CRM HCP account data. The BSCDP Eventrix dashboards give additional insights to the In-Field-Team (sales reps) on territory level regarding number of registered HCPs in comparison to other territories and next best actions. This application improves the sales efficiency and leads to commercial excellence for each sales rep in the In-Field-Team.

We are excited to collaborate with Brain Station and GDS for our 13th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness and Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit, taking place on 11th - 12th October 2023 in Berlin.

Brain Station is a digital solution provider resolving business-relevant customer problems in regulatory industries. Their focus is Life Science and Pharma, bringing the latest technological innovations to your MarTech ecosystem. They develop enterprise applications, provide platform services and consult on data processing and cloud technologies. Their Brain Station Customer Data Platform (BSCDP) is the worldwide first Pharma-specific Customer Data Platform. It provides a specialised toolset to enable smart, compliant and insightful journeys. Essentials are played out into your CRM system to support your InfieldTeam. Brain Station’s strategic partner Global Data Support provides commercialisation data for the Pharma industry. Their HCP and HCO data (Healthcare Professionals and Organisations) achieve the HCP-discovery for you. Together with the Marketing Suite BSCDP, you can address the right HCPs with targeted, personalised marketing measures.

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