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What does it mean for the customers, but also for the organisation? How not to lose touch with your customers but provide them the option to reach you whenever and however most convenient for them?

What will be the role of AI and technology in general in contact centres in the future?

Without any doubts, I can say that AI and technology will be the main partner for human beings, and it will take over all simple, technical, routine tasks. Additionally, I believe technology will be a great advisor to human beings in terms of data analytics and outputs out of it. I have a vision that before agent will say hello to the customer, systems will analyse who is calling and most probably why is calling. In terms of metaphor, it is going to be a TANGO dance where one partner will be responsible for feelings and the other one for routine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-service?

There are two points of view, customer and organisational. From customer perspective, self-service will allow to solve simple request whenever customer will be willing to do so. UX will play a major role. From organisational perspective, I see pros and cons. Benefit – fewer costs to serve a customer, risk – to lose connection with customer or possibility to do cross or upsell.

How to boost agent performance and productivity?

a) With the help of WFM, organisation should offer flexible working hours (fulfil at least 90% of agent needs)
b) Show importance and contribution of their results to company’s success
c) Find and offer a good balance between teamwork results and personal performance


Vytis Zalimas, Head of Contact Centres for SEB is a Sales and Customer Care professional, working in a managerial position for more than 12 years. Banking is his 3rd industry, before that he was working in aviation and ICT sectors. P&L responsibility, team work and change management are areas of his strength and interest. Talking about hobbies, Vytis plays tennis, football, beach volleyball, he also loves skiing and driving motorbike. Visiting new places & trying new things is in his DNA too.


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