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Start prioritising the comprehensive collection of data

What are the best ways to improve CX analytics and get deeper data-driven insights?

Everything should start with prioritising the comprehensive collection of data from a range of sources, including but not limited to social media mentions and conversations, Net Promoter Score (NPS), electronic word-of-mouth, website analytics, and internal data from customer support or sales teams. Frequently, departments operate in siloes, withholding their customer-related data and hindering the bridging of knowledge gaps. Failing to consider all relevant data reduces the ability to make informed decisions. All organisations should have a unified repository for customer data and interactions. Integrating an organisation’s data and analytics centre can significantly enhance the overall effectiveness and quality of insights.

How can combining a data-driven approach and a customer-centricity program enhance engagement and support future brand growth?

In a post-pandemic landscape characterised by reduced customer tolerance for errors and heightened expectations for personalisation, truly understanding customer needs becomes imperative for brand growth. To achieve this, organisations must capitalise on the plethora of data available to them, moving beyond traditional surveys to gain deeper insights into customer needs. Building a comprehensive data lake by integrating diverse data sources, employing machine-learning algorithms to extract meaningful insights, and adopting customer-centric methodologies will enable a more comprehensive understanding of customer requirements. This understanding serves as the foundation for informed decision-making, ultimately leading to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Consistently applying these practices guarantees brand growth.

What is the role of digital tools in enhancing collaboration with customers and helping to develop more attractive services?

Digital transformation has been a topic of discussion for many years and COVID-19 has forced multiple companies to rush that process. Some have been successful to adapt, some are still trying to catch up. As part of the new digital world, digital tools play a vital role in enhancing collaboration with customers. Social media platforms provide customers space for interactive discussions and feedback; video conferencing and webinars enhance real-time collaboration; forums foster peer-to-peer collaboration and support; live chat and chatbots systems offer quick assistance and guidance. With the right digital tools, organisations can enable seamless communication, involve the customer in the co-creation process, gather valid insights, enhance engagement and interactions with their customers, and ultimately enable the development of new products and services. Organisations who want to stay competitive, are constantly on the lookout for the newest technology.

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