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The way we live has changed dramatically during the pandemic, and the customer demands of the new era are here to stay.


How has customer behaviour changed in the telecom industry during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 crisis arrived without knocking on our doors. The market and the way people used to live suffered transformations that may stay for a long period after the pandemic leaves us.

The pandemic created a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform business models, namely in the services area. The reality showed that both customers and suppliers were prepared to receive and deliver high quality services, powered by digital platforms, with productivity gains for those prepared to embrace this new challenging world.

Emerged customer behaviour changes are here to stay: the pandemic bridged to digital “late majority” and “laggards” segments that probably will continue to use digital from now on. The return to pre-pandemic demand levels is highly improbable.

The telecom became more than ever a critical and essential service, with a higher quality of service demand in B2C customers. Each malfunctions now felt immediately and the tolerance to be corrected is now equivalent to water or energy.


What are the biggest challenges of Voice of the Customer programmes?

The biggest challenge is to transform the customer feedback into real actions to solve the major root causes of customers attrition. For that we need to collect and understand the divers beyond the knowns symptoms.

Often customers’ pains are not matched with the inside out approach. It is critical to embody systematically the customer feedback to create and manage a roadmap that truly addresses the customer satisfaction.


How can companies avoid customer churn by applying empathy into their customer journey strategies?

It is common sense that the higher the satisfaction level, the lower the churn probability.

Being impossible to over perform in all customer journey and in all touch points, each company needs to understand the real moment of truth and step up from the rest, creating moments of magic, engaging the customer and avoiding moments of mediocrity and ending the moments of misery.

Churn is often triggered by poorly managed interaction, evaluating the VoC in a systemic way in the moments of truth allows measure and act in continuous improvement of customer experience.

Luis will also be joining our 12th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit in October where he will be sharing his insights on Redesigned Customer Experience Through Five Senses.

Luis MESTRE is an Altice Portugal B2C Segment Director, with 20 years of telecom experience (fixed, mobile and convergent), from pricing and product management to customer life cycle management, where the customer experience is a key value driver. He is a skilled professional with a management degree, an MBA with marketing specialisation, and recently an executive course of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy.

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