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Find new ways and channels to communicate with your patients

What barriers and opportunities for enhancing patient recruitment and retention will be the most common in clinical research?

We are particularly interested in the relationship between individual study nurses and study participants, and what can be done to support that. We know site staff are under enormous pressure, often managing many different studies, with complex protocols and a heavy IT burden, so finding ways to help, or to give them greater insight into how their patients are feeling, is an area of focus for us.

How to start perceiving patients not as “subjects” who generate data but as collaborators whose participation is “core” to the overall success?

This starts with including people who are living with the condition in the design of the study, and if they tell you the endpoints don’t mean anything to them (even if they might make a good payor story), don’t ignore them.

How do you see the future decentralised trials implementation, and how do they change the recruitment process?

We see two stories. The first is about adding choice and flexibility into the kinds of study that used to require regular clinic visits. Improving convenience must make it easier for more people to commit to a study, and more likely an investigator will consider a wider range of potential participants. The second is more complex, because it’s about bringing clinical trials into geographies and communities where they haven’t been before, and for that to be successful they’re going to have to come with more education, and find new ways and channels in which to communicate.

We are glad to cooperate with my Langland on our 15th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit on 22nd – 23rd February 2023 in Courtyard by Marriott Berlin City Center, where they will share a case study on “Is a Clinical Trial a Customer Experience? Insights From Consumer Research”

Langland is the health communications agency that helps people, brands and businesses think further. They believe in the power of different perspectives. That’s why Langland brings together four key health disciplines; Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy and Education, PR& Policy and Advertising.
Their close collaboration allows the clients to have the very best minds in health caring for the most important parts of their businesses.

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