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Category management can not only help your company increase category sales volume, but it can also be beneficial in managing new cost management opportunities.

What are the most common supply chain visibility challenges and how to overcome them and stay competitive?

  1. Manage and drive down costs in the supply chain
  2. Optimise inventory and supply chain demands across multiple channels
  3. Improve quality and speed in the supply chain
  4. Manage and mitigate risks and issues in the supply chain
  5. Use the right supply chain software platform

What are the most effective practices in category management in creating strong manufacturer-retailer relationships?

Category management can help retailers identify key value categories, increase category sales volume, and reduce organisational spend. It can also help businesses gauge new procurement cost management opportunities and improve profit margins.

What would effective risk management of the future look like? What are the most critical issues to address today to prepare for the future challenges?

Deloitte has shown that organisations who proactively manage supply chain risk spend 50% less to manage disruptions. As always, proactive risk management is more cost efficient than reactive action. An efficient supply chain is essential for the production of quality products and effective customer service.

Most critical issues are summarised as follows:

  1. Material scarcity
  2. Increasing freight prices
  3. Difficult demand forecasting
  4. Port congestion
  5. Changing consumer attitudes
  6. Digital transformation

It is a pleasure to have Bader on board of our 7th Annual Strategic Sourcing and Procurement MENA Summit in January where he will be sharing his view on Pharmaceutical Production Procurement Challenges & Solutions.

Bader S. ALAWWAD, Director of Procurement & Contracts at SPIMACO is a results-driven Contract and Procurements Executive with strong leadership skills and 18+ years of experience in leading teams to optimise contract management, procurement and supply chain operations. He combines advanced knowledge of sourcing and procurement methodologies with experience in governmental and private procurement and contract regulations to deliver total cost reduction targets and supply chain stability. He has proven success in leading contract management subject matter experts to assess supplier and contract consolidation to improve cost, service, and risk mitigation. He also has rich experience in heading new-set ups/ diversifications and managing business with emphasis on value addition to existing procurement & logistics operations.

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