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Help your employees adjust to remote working and engage them in your e-learning programs

How has the training department changed during the past year?

We give more importance to training, especially e-learning models. We have updated our operational training modules with operation management and we have produced more e-learning modules. E-learning is becoming more and more important.

Has the work-life balance changed during the pandemic?

Yes, it changed a lot. Working from home saves some time, for example, traffic or even getting ready to go to the office saves at least 1 hour. Employees were able to organize their working hours, as it became more flexible.

How do you see the future trends for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the next few years?

The future trends will definitely include an evolving remote workforce, enabling diverse gender identity and gender expression, multigenerational workforce, eliminating unconscious bias in the workplace, gearing up for systemic change, hiring diversity professionals.


Derya will also be joining our 12th Annual HR Excellence MENA Summit: Compensations & Benefits in March 2022 where she will be sharing her case study on How to Deal with Difficult People, speaking about recognizing difficult people, settling down with them, and turning a negative experience into positive.

Derya Tekin Yusuf is a Board Member of Celebi Aviation Academy at Çelebi Aviation. She has 35+ years of professional experience in international organizations and in diverse industries, 12 years of which being part of executive leadership and member of the board for the development and implementation of human capital management, policies, systems, processes with organisational restructuring & employee engagement programs harmonized with strong mastery in coaching and leadership development.

Built from scratch the Academy is covering the end-to-end business of Ground Handling, Airport Operations, Cargo & Warehouse Operations & Management, as well as established the corporate university which gave her the strategic business perspective. Experienced in both greenfield approach in the establishment of new organizations as well as, in shareholder structures.

She is an executive coach and lecturer at the universities and conferences. She is also a mother of her son and enjoys being a mother.

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