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Capitalise on AI and increase conversational automation

What is the role of digital tools in enhancing collaboration with your customers and helping to develop more attractive services?

KomBea helps customers capitalise on AI and increase conversational automation using our software application, ProtoCall AI.

Levels of automation:

Level 1: ProtoCall AI helps customers encode their domain specific conversations into a repeatable process that can be systematically improved through experimentation.

Level 2: ProtoCall AI replaces agent voices with a human sounding voice to eliminate variance and capture data about conversational utterances and voice data to train AI voices.

Level 3: ProtoCall AI delivers autonomous conversation decisions while being assisted in real time by agent(s) in edge case scenarios; collecting intervention data to evolve the conversation model.

Level 4: ProtoCall AI manages listening cues and natural conversation inserts.

Level 5: ProtoCall AI delivers a fully autonomous, natural sounding, conversation.

How could AI services help companies better understand customers’ needs and expectations?

ProtoCall AI eliminates variance caused by “live agents” to more accurately assess and respond to customers’ needs and expectations at every level of automation.

KomBea has been replacing traditional human interaction services using ProtoCall AI for the past 20 years, and over a billion real-world conversations.

Find out more details about KomBea’s solutions here.

It is a pleasure to partner with KomBea on our 13th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit on 14th – 15th June 2023 in Barcelona.

KomBea blends human Intelligence with AI to automate Contact Center conversations. The company has designed and improved the organisation’s customer phone interactions for over 25 years. Their technology and expertise are used in millions of phone interactions each year. KomBea solutions enable call centres to map and design how a call will flow, from hello to goodbye.

Their solution, ProtoCall, enables a continuous-improvement effort, making your calls better over time. ProtoCall seamlessly blends AI and human intelligence to follow a designed path and “speak” using AI audio, thereby delivering calls that replicate your best agent on their best day, on every call. ProtoCall also enables a continuous-improvement effort. Our high-volume, high-accuracy datasets include Intents, Entities, Utterances, and Context.

KomBea delivers full compliance, higher productivity, lower cost, and continuous improvement.

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