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In terms of customer service, you can use AI technologies in three main areas: conversations, knowledge and analytics.

Which digital channels enable the most impactful customer engagement?

The reality is that there is no generic answer to that question. Every interaction has its own prerequisites and it all depends on several different aspects like demographics, preferences, urgency, complexity etc. For example, an email is great when the enquiry is not urgent and low complexity, chat is excellent for customers who are online with real time low complexity enquiries.

The most impactful digital customer engagement will happen when we stop thinking in terms of channels and technology, instead we need to think in terms of touch points and facilitate for customers to seamlessly move across them.

What is the current role and position of AI in telco CX?

First we need to understand that AI is just an “umbrella” that spans many different technologies. I believe that for customer service the three most important AI technologies are:

  • Conversations: Using Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing. The technology will be used in virtual assistants & bots (text and voice), across devices and channels
  • Knowledge: Retrieve knowledge from contextual input, multiple (unstructured) sources – queried through natural language. The technology will be used to provide personal and relevant answers to channels and users, both internal and external.
  • Analytics: Using deep learning to gain insights from customer interactions. The technology will reduce analysis from months to days. Insight, almost in real time, will be used to create better solutions and customer experience

How do you see the near future in the telco CEM? Will it be different from other industries?

There will be no differences in terms of customer expectations from one industry to another. Good experience from one industry sets the standard for others. The difference is to be found in the nature for each industry. For example, you want to buy a house but “no one” wants a bank loan. For telcos the reality is that customers expect our services to be up and running, hence they are more likely to contact us when there is a problem. We need to understand this when designing our CEM strategies and services.

Fredrik LEMMING, Director Sales – Customer Experience at Telia has more than 18 years of experience in working with customer experience and customer service solutions in the Nordic market, renowned for its high digitalising maturity and early adoption of new technology.
Customer experience management is a core competence and something that he is passionate about, especially now that more than ever, delivering personal and relevant customer meetings regardless of channel, place or time of day is a critical success factor.

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