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Technology Affecting The Future Of Telco

5G or IoT are definitely shaping and will continue to shape the future of the telecommunication industry, and optimising multiple connected devices at home is still remaining one of the priorities.

Is there a way to successfully prevent the customer churn? How do silent churners affect the company and what is your company doing in order to prevent this phenomenon?

If there is a silver bullet to prevent churn, then it is customer satisfaction. Especially online it is the key to offer specific tone-of-voice, customer journeys and most important, relevant Next-best-offers/actions (NBOs/NBAs).

What technology do you consider to have the biggest impact on the telco industry in the near future?

Telco industry faces different challenges – over-saturated markets, new streaming providers or big investments in 5G. On the other hand, the demand for IoT will increase rapidly in the upcoming years, resulting not necessarily in higher up/download speeds, but in services for managing and optimising multiple connected devices at home. Furthermore, with their strong physical network, cable providers are also looking into new opportunities such as providing infrastructure for e-Mobility.

How do you see the near future in the telco CEM? Will it be different from other industries?

My own believe is that: First, telco companies might still further utilise the potential of big data analysis to optimise their product portfolios. Second, telcos must continue to become true customer-centric service provider by DNA, as this becomes more and more the real differentiator.
Third, traditional commercial marketing cycles will be overcome by much more dynamic offerings, which will be adjusted more or less in real time, based on customer preferences.

Florian Ammann works as Head of UX & Customer Journey at UPC Switzerland. He has a background of 15 years in UX and digital consultancy, with a focus on eCommerce and web portals. After working in agencies for clients like Lufthansa, Roche or Credit Suisse, he found his way into UPC, the leading Swiss telco and cable network provider, where he has held different positions in Care and Sales areas. During his time he was able to grow the UX team from one person to 15+ full time positions in the last six years. His latest passion is how to scale segmentation onsite.

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