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While outstanding teamwork is definitely one of the key factors to achieve success, your reward system should be flexible enough to fit the individual needs of all the employees.

How have companies dealt with the rapid increase of the need for wellbeing programmes?
Companies dealt with this in very different ways. While some companies realised that they had to intensify and adapt their wellbeing strategies, others realised that they had to soon come up with a wellbeing strategy to deal with the increasing challenges their workforces were facing during the pandemic, like fatigue, loneliness, lack of physical exercise, financial concerns and a diminishing sense of belonging. Most programmes focused on curative and preventive actions. Many, certainly not all, initiatives reached those employees who from a physical or mental perspective were in an amber or red zone. Going forward it is important to preserve what has worked, but also to shift the attention of the programmes to the people who are doing fine but can even do better.

How to build new reward systems that fit the employee expectations?
Excellent teamwork is key to success in many businesses. But to be able to optimally contribute to the team and be fully engaged, the individual must be top-fit on all levels that determine wellbeing like physical and mental health and a strong sense of belonging.

As no individual is the same and will score differently on all aspects, your reward, benefits and learning package must be flexible and allow for individual choices.

What will be the working model of the future? How is the employee feedback affecting this decision?
I strongly believe in hybrid working models for the majority of office jobs. However, there is no one size fits all. In order to shape your own working model, companies should reflect on their purpose and ask the question what they expect from internal and external cooperation. This can differ from company to company. Employee feedback in this is vital. How else would you know what is needed to give them the right level of support and make them feel included, connected and motivated?

Thijs will also be joining the 10th Annual HR Excellence Summit in November, where he will talk in more details about Hybrid Working and the Importance of Employee Wellbeing.

Thijs van Loon is HR-Director People Experience & Reward at VodafoneZiggo. He started his HR career in the telecom industry in 2008 in the Netherlands and has helped to shape the company that we now know as VodafoneZiggo from an HR perspective during several mergers and Acquisitions. VodafoneZiggo is an employer of choice in the Netherlands because of its excellent terms and conditions, career advancement opportunities, the inspiring culture and work environment. Together with all colleagues we make sure that our customers are always connected and have access to the best entertainment. Before starting his career in HR, Thijs worked in different Management roles in the IT Industry. Thijs holds an MSc. In HR Management Sciences.

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