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Especially in the retail industry, it is very important to leave a good recruitment experience since the candidates are potentially also customers. Therefore, going forward, there is a need for brands to optimise recruiting processes.

What are the biggest challenges with talent acquisition going into future?

The biggest challenge is bringing a great candidate experience to stay competitive in the war for Talent. Since Social media presence is more and more powerful, every candidate experiencing a good or bad recruitment experience, has the opportunity to share their reviews online (e.g on Glassdoor or Kununu). When candidates are not given a timely/ transparent feedback or experience an unprofessional recruitment experience, they will definitely keep this impression for life, which at the end, has a huge impact on companies’ brand, especially the ones working in the retail business. Because candidates are potential end consumers as well. Therefore, we need to optimize the recruitment experience and talent attraction, and ensure we are bringing a great candidate experience through new tools (AI), culture and processes.

Innovative talent management programs: what have you already implemented and what are you expecting to launch in upcoming years?

We are now piloting a program to optimize massive recruitment experience in Retail, including a game-based assessment tool for massive recruitment. In the future, we will potentially implement a Video interviewing tool for office positions. What I foresee as very interesting in the upcoming years is Talent Intelligence tool.

What is the next big thing in leadership training? How do digital tools and techniques influence leadership development and learning?

We haven’t experienced any digital or AI tool for Leadership training so far. We are now working with Leadership psychometrics assessments for Leadership development and potential.

SAHRA BENSEGHIR is a Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Swarovski. Bringing a strong background in 360° operational recruiting, Sahra is now leading the global talent acquisition operations as well as global strategic projects for almost 3 years at Swarovski.
She has successfully improved the global talent acquisition experience, together with the global team bringing global processes and standards to life. She strives for leveraging the global talent acquisition practices to excellence by implementing the right tools and processes to attract, target and hire the right talent. To Sahra, curiosity is a quality bringing to continuous improvement. She is a people collaboration believer and innovation thinker.
Holding a master’s degree in organizational psychology, Sahra is convinced that an inclusive corporate culture together with AI will make the future of recruitment successful.


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