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The ever changing world is teaching us that agility of the supply chain remains crucial to not only handle the effects of the recent pandemic but all that is to come.

What are the crucial assets for supply chain visibility?
You need to have an end-to-end global view on your supply chain. At Chemours we do this by installing one integrated supply chain planning software, which is connected real time with our ERP environment. We installed a TMS a few years ago, recently went live with a Logistics Visibility project and are piloting a AI tool for Demand Sensing. Next to technology, it is important to have the right resources. Digitalising your supply chain means the job of your planner changes considerably. It is extremely important to focus on change management.

How can companies ensure supply chain resilience in the chemical industry? What are the first steps they need to take?
Partnerships will become of more importance than ever before. There is a lack of raw materials, vessels are fully booked, shortage of drivers, ports are congested, etc. – supplier partnership are crucial. Installing an integrated planning software will help to establish deeper collaboration with both suppliers as well as customers. Collaboration both up- and downstream.

What will be the changes in supply chain management going into 2022?
We are living in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. And the pandemic only accelerated that change. These disruptions will happen more frequently. Do not wait till the storm passes by but learn to dance in the rain. It is clear we need a pro-active, agile supply chain to respond to those events.

Annemie will be joining our 4th Annual Supply Chain and Logistics in Chemical/Petrochemical Summit where she will go into details on How Digital Supply Chain Transformation Leads to Improved End-to-End Visibility.

Annemie WAGEMANS, Global Director Supply Chain Business Transformation at The Chemours Company is an experienced supply chain professional. Driven by an urge for change and a thirst for knowledge, she held various roles within Chemours and lived in 4 different countries. As a Global Director Supply Chain Business Transformation, her goals include bringing Chemours’ supply chain to the 21st century, driving digitalisation throughout the chain and leading Chemours’ Global Supply Chain Council, a decision-making body sponsored by the Chemours Executive team. She holds an MBA from Vlerick Business School and currently resides in Belgium.

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