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Supplier Diversity Mentoring Programme

It is very beneficial for companies to implement this global initiative that also launched in Brazil in 2016.

Why is it beneficial for companies to implement Supplier Diversity?

Supplier Diversity Mentoring Programme is a global initiative launched in 2016 in Brazil that aims to strengthen minority businesses by promoting business development and opportunities, leveraging skills, expanding relationships, enhancing business knowledge and market, and stimulating increased competitiveness. It brings new companies to the game, adding more competency and competitiveness to our own business.

What should a company consider before implementing Supplier Diversity?

One must consider working with companies that are truly potential suppliers. A corporate inclusion programme already in place is a nice asset to help in moving forward, since it helps in breaking some pre-concepts and barriers we have.

What will procurement and sourcing look like in 2030?

A ten-year period forecast is temerity. Things are changing very quickly nowadays. But the trend is to have more proactivity among the supply chain and this can be achieved through the usage of reliable compliant consumer-focused suppliers. Companies that joint-develop themselves together with transparency have a higher chance to survive and create value to final users.

Luiz Alberto BARBERINI is an Operations Manager at Bayer SA. He is MBA, mechanical engineer and Certified Quality Engineer. APICS CPIM and CSCP certified, with three post-graduations, he has worked for almost 30 years in activities related to supply chain, procurement and logistics and he had coordinated the dangerous goods’ transports’ committee at ABIQUIM – Brazilian Chemical Industries Association for a few years.
Ford Motors Co., Rhône-Poulenc, British American Tobacco, Pfizer Laboratories, Takeda Pharmaceutical and Merck Sharp & Dohme are some of the companies he has worked for and contributed to, adding value with his knowledge and experience.
Currently works as Operations Manager for Latin America External Manufacturing Operations, Consumer Health at Bayer Brazil and teaches Negotiation and Demand Management for some major post-graduation schools in São Paulo, Brazil. He also coordinates these courses at two universities in Brazil and talks about relationship management and supplier inclusion at major events worldwide.

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