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ABN AMRO’s journey of Learning and Development

From IT, eCommerce and Marketing to… HR??

In case you’re wondering why someone who studied econometrics, developed IT systems, specialized in eCommerce and internet banking, done strategic marketing and led large transformation programs eventually found his home in HR…

Well, there’s two answers to that.

The first is the short one: to follow his heart.

The second, and slightly longer one, is because he has discovered that the most powerful way of transforming organizations is to help people know, want, and do new things. And along the way he found that all his IT, digital, marketing, change and people skills come together in this role of leading Learning & Development.

Join me, Jarno Zange, as I take you on a journey of how we set about creating ‘Learning nEXt Level’ at ABN AMRO.

For those who do not have time for a journey, let me give you the take-aways up front:

  • We are closing the critical skills gap to execute our strategy successfully by moving from headcount to skillcount (our WHY)
  • Our learning vision is to deliver good work and centered around the idea that
    “learning = working & working = learning” (our WHAT)
  • We have invested in a future-proof Learning eXperience Ecosystem (our HOW)

For all the others, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

Read the full article.

Come join Jarno at our 11th Annual HR Excellence Summit, on 9th – 10th November 2022 in Barcelona to hear him and Mathijs Schlepers, his colleague, presenting their case study on how to Boost Your Strategic Up- & Reskilling!

Jarno ZANGE is a Global Lead Learning Innovation & Development at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

He is a digital innovator with a passion for people. Jarno loves to build high-performing, purpose-driven, learning organizations: doing great stuff with great people!

He combines 25+ years of experience in IT, eCommerce, Marketing, Strategy and Transformation, now leading and innovating L&D at HR to develop the skills of the future and future-fit people.

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