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Ideally brands would have time to prepare for such a drastic change and they would update their brand promises accordingly. But this was hardly the case.

What are the best ways to approach your customers in these times when we spend most of our lives online? What challenges has it brought?

Optimally, you update what your Brand Promise stands for, you recalibrate your Team’s competence set, you acquire new data to teach your AI-based marketing automations – and you systemically, not opportunistically, deliver the newly-desired CX or DCX. This will build reliability & reciprocity effect with customers. Approaching customers with sheer narrative like brand legacy movies, on the changed paradigms & values in the new New will not suffice. Customers still have concrete goals the brands need to deliver against.

Has being distant from the customer brought new form of transparency and honesty in customer journey surveys?

I certainly observe that customers in IDI-like circumstances (now carried out with video-chat tech) are more willing to share the deeper insights on their CJs. When you normalise it eradicating the layer of anxiety you can experience true aha-moments. We found that to reach this depth you still need a personal, albeit remote, contact and the ambience of intimacy. In anonymous feedback our data does not show any dynamics in this respect.

How have you been handling the huge amount of data and what are the best strategies to determine the most important data the most efficiently?

Yes, massive. The most efficient way to determine key data for us is to discern patterns within even short data streams, immediately evaluate their lever on our revenues or cost-optimisations by duplicating the test on a bigger sample – and either kill or scale up. Well-organised DMP to collect data, in-house proficient analytics to infer from it and in-house programmatic to activate them is our magical circle.

Michal SZANIECKI, Managing Director from Volkswagen Group is a passionate & rewarded Leader of Change for Global Brands in FMCG & Automotive shaping Brands in CEE, Germany & Switzerland. He is a member & Head of Juries (Effie, Drum Marketing, Young Creatives), actively shaping marketing & digital revolution as a member of international marketing associations. He is also an international coach and keynote speaker in “business of non-conscious choice” & CX. He has been awarded Marketing Director of the Year 2018 and he is a loyal enthusiast of Martin guitars.


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