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How to motivate your employees to be more engaged and committed to taking ownership and driving success?

Why setting the right goals and measuring what matters is crucial for digital transformation?

Setting goals and measurements is crucial for digital transformation, for they provide direction for the teams, employees and show the progress the teams are making. Goal setting, or as we create a vision and set a moon shot, is necessary to have a clear direction we can all relate to and are all aligned as to where we are heading. This moon shot is translated into objectives we can measure. Although we know the road, we can deviate due to the learnings we have while being on the road. By setting objectives and key results, we can monitor, measure, and adjust where needed. This is a crucial part for an important part of ensuring a transformation is that besides motivation of employees the biggest need for them is seeing progress in the work they do. The fact that we can communicate our progress to our stakeholders or show where we need support is also a key factor. This helps to gain and keep trust of the company.

Why motivating your employees is so crucial?

Motivating employees is necessary for several reasons, and every employee gets motivated by different things so that is also good to keep in mind. Overall motivated employees are more likely to be more engaged and committed to take ownership and drive success. They tend to be more productive, eager to learn and experiment. The latter is crucial when you are heading for unknown territory. Motivated employees are also an example for others and feel more engaged. Yet motivation does not come alone, as mentioned above it needs to walk hand in hand with progress, recognition for results and freedom to experiment.

In an increasingly globalised world, what efforts are companies making to provide multilingual customer support and accommodate customers from diverse cultural backgrounds?

Providing multilingual support and (with that) accommodating cultural diversity is important. As we are focussing on supporting our global company, we also want to grant access to the customers in that country without barriers. Multilingual support and focussing on understanding a culture, creates a better customer experience, and it is respectful to communicate in the same language as your customer. As we are supporting IT, these questions are not always easily explained, not even in one’s mother language let in another. In some countries support needs to be offered in the language of the country by law.

As we digitalize, we are also using tooling that makes multi-language support easier for both agents as customers, and experiment with Conversational AI to answer in all languages with the right sentiment.

Come join Sabine at our 14th Annual Optimising Contact Centres Summit on 4th – 5th October 2023 in MAXX by Steigenberger Vienna to hear her speaking on Digital Transformation Is All Human; Mindset, Vision, and Measurement

Sabine Schmidt, Head of Global Helpdesk and Digital Support Services at ABN AMRO BANK, has purpose, passion and great vision. And especially for the subject of delivering top customer experience in a digital age. She has the ability to create a long-term vision and makes sure it is achieved in small steps. Small steps with experimentation to gather empirical data so that the change or improvement is validated by her consumers, employees and (DevOps) teams. With her background in, among other, psychology she keeps in dialogue with her customers in order to fulfil their needs and values.

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