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Finding balance between the guidance procurement gives and the expertise the suppliers are expected to provide

What are the new challenges procurement professionals are facing when building relationships with new suppliers?

As procurement professionals expand the number of markets they source talent from, there is now a delicate balance between the guidance procurement gives and the expertise the suppliers are expected to provide. Procurement is confident in the locations they have historically sourced talent from and are open to new talent pools but don’t have the insights necessary to guide suppliers. One of the two sides will need deeper level talent intelligence data in order to continue hiring and retaining top talent.

How AI tools and digital solutions can improve cost-saving strategies?

With demand exceeding supply in the labor market, there is more competition than ever to attract and retain the right talent. Essential to remaining competitive is offering the right pay rates. With so many variables like location, job type, experience level, it’s crucial to not only have deeper-level insights but to have real-time data to attract the right talent at the right price.

What steps of the future procurement modernisation are the most crucial?

Service-led, tech-enabled, and data-driven strategies. As the modern workforce evolves and increases in complexity, companies need to ensure they have the systems and processes agile enough to manage these ever-changing dynamics. Given how rapidly change is occurring, the need for real-time talent intelligence data is crucial.

PRO Unlimited is also one of our partners who are collaborating with us on our 10th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit on 7th – 8th September 2022 in Austria Trend Hotel Ananas, Vienna.

General info about the company:

PRO Unlimited is a pioneer in contingent workforce management, laying the foundation with the launch of independent contractor misclassification and co-employment risk management services in 1991. PRO followed this with industry-first MSP and VMS offerings, and the innovation has continued throughout the years. Today PRO Unlimited is the largest Neutral Vend global MSP & VMS provider, with more than 5500+ Suppliers in our Supplier Network, $10B+ in spend under management and active in 114 counties worldwide.
In 2021 Everest Group voted PRO Unlimited a Global leader and Star Performer for Contingent Labour MSP & SoW Services, as well as scoring PRO’s Wand VMS highest above all VMS vendors for Vision & Capability in the VMS Services report.
The solutions space that has become increasingly crowded over the past few years, PRO’s unique, modern workforce management approach is redefining the future of global talent strategies. Why have 8+ suppliers when you can have One Global Partner and One Global Solution.

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