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CX teams have been benefiting from remote work environment, as it offers them a chance to focus on “solo” tasks while still being connected to the rest of the team when needed.

How have you dealt with keeping CX teams engaged and motivated while shifting to the remote work environment?

Remote work has been a true and long expected benefit for the CX team. It allows them to focus more while doing “solo” tasks and to minimise commuting while keeping the team more connected than ever thanks to the online connection tools deployed.

Remote working has proven to be a good solution for the employee experience by providing the flexibility needed by each person and allowing a more interactive workspace.

Being able to work anywhere and anytime is one of the key levers for engagement, motivation and talent retention.

How to leverage customer feedback data to design CX strategies that meet their expectations?

By asking the right questions at the right time and structuring the data in an intuitive and comprehensive way. AI is starting to prove itself a good investment for natural language analysis, providing extra value information beyond figures and average rates.

A Voice of the Customer programme leading the CX strategy is key to measure the result of the actions taken and reorientate when needed. It has to be a long-term action, ensuring data consistency over time and flexible enough to include new information or data structures.

Qualitative information is key to reconfirm figures. Call-backs to customers after surveys helps understanding the feedback and designing specific action plans personalised when needed.

What can companies do to improve their customer-centric culture?

Starting from employee experience and designing a customer value case for the transformation of the company.

There are many ways to improve the customer-centric culture. One of them is a key footprint from Arval, the Account Teams. This organisation structure is based on the customer-in-the- centre principle. Composed of one person of each role, the Account Teams act like small companies for their customers, improving the communication with everyone around the table and with customer-centric specific methodology for the day-to-day activity.

Policies for Protecting the Interests of the Clients also show a clear customer orientation of a company, together with a well-developed Voice of the Customer programme and Complaint management policy.

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Mentoring and service culture passionate, Arantxa HERNANDO is Director of Business Transformation and Customer Experience in Arval Service Lease Spain, a BNP Paribas Group Company. Since 2014 she has been devoted to transformation and strategic project management. With a technology background, she started her career in Accenture and continued as CIO in two international companies. Currently she combines her responsibility in Arval with volunteering oriented to professional immersion, for people in exclusion risk, mentoring and lecturing in Business Schools.

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