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How do remote cloud services and the growing use of mobile and IoT devices change the cybersecurity world?

How to embrace digital transformation and still guarantee cyber security?

As critical infrastructure and industrial organizations digitally transform in order to survive and thrive in an intensely competitive environment, the need to operationally converge networks has become a top requirement. This changes the landscape of network security by increasing the facets malicious entities use to siphon value from companies. Organizations much re-think their approach to cybersecurity starting with a post-breach mindset – expecting attacks will come and preparing for operational resiliency in the face of an attack.  Implementing a zero trust cybersecurity model aligns well with the gains sought by digital transformation, and provides added protection against unwanted malicious activity.

What is the reason for the growing need for the Zero Trust Security Model?

In today’s distributed environment, with data and applications running on remote cloud services and the growing use of mobile and IoT devices, the security perimeter approach is no longer valid. It’s quickly being replaced by the zero trust model based on a set of rigid security principles aligned with a recommended use of technologies and techniques.

What are some of the security challenges involved in fully embracing the Internet of Things?

IoT deployments promise unique ROI for monitoring, diagnostics and analytics, and enable new business models. However, they lack scalable central management, reveal rudimentary access controls, and often leave swathes of frivolous data vulnerable. To avoid hivemind thinking that IoT devices are secure by design and/or have security features enabled by default, compensating controls should map to the key challenges with IoT security today.

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