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Enhance user experience by combining AI-infused access credentials with big data

What critical advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be leveraged to maximise personalisation and customer engagement?

Artificial intelligence has undergone rapid development in recent years driven by significant technological advances in algorithms, available computing power and network bandwidth, particularly in the area of machine learning (ML). This is enabling deeper levels of personalisation, and a better customer experience overall.

AI handles and sorts massive amounts of data in real-time, and analyses it for intelligent insights that enable businesses to make smarter decisions. By combining AI-infused access credentials (e.g. thumbs up and thumbs down recommendations and AI-determined risk scores) with big data, organisations can improve the business user experience by leveraging an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use and highly intuitive access credential user interface.

The ForgeRock approach features a unique combination of AI, machine learning and advanced pattern recognition. These three factors strengthen identity protection, thwart attacks from malicious actors and intercept threats that were not anticipated. Our AI-powered identity management platform enables businesses to create and orchestrate greater customer journeys that deliver greater engagement, acquisition and retention.

How have customer expectations of digital customer experiences changed over the past few years?

To meet the growing demand for seamless experiences and personalised omnichannel convenience, businesses today are engaging in multi-stakeholder digital ecosystems. Ever since the pandemic, we saw a massive shift towards digital. And, when combined with the decentralised nature of our working world, it has led to an increase in unauthorised access, third-party and supply chain attacks, as well as an explosion in compromised credentials (e.g. usernames and passwords).

At the same time, consumers are demanding greater protection, transparency, privacy and control from businesses that they interact with, particularly when it comes to their data usage. For long-term profitability, companies need to acquire customers faster, deliver great experiences, and protect customer data at the same time. The opportunity to build customer loyalty and profitability therefore depends on seamless, customised and personalised digital experiences and security.

How does automation tackle some of the CX issues, and does it always have the desired effect?

Customers expect strong security and the right amount of friction in the customer journey, which we’d label as positive friction. But they also want a convenient, and fast login experience that they can move past as quickly as possible, and the same applies to credentials or authorisation mechanisms.

Identity and access management powered by AI offers the best of both worlds and enables organisations to gain more visibility into how users interact with their environment so they can deliver dynamic personalisation and targeted risk reduction at every stage – from registration, authentication, user self-service, and managing privacy and consent options.

By analysing how users authenticate, organisations can build user journeys that increase user adoption rates and improve the customer experience, and automatically redirect suspicious users for further monitoring. Yet, due to budget and resource constraints, most organisations still use legacy tools and disparate systems that result in frustrating user experiences and inadequate security that need improvement.

We are delighted to have ForgeRock joining our discussion as our partners at the 12th Annual Strategic Customer Excellence Summit on 19th – 20th April 2023 in Arcotel Wimberger, Vienna.

ForgeRock (NYSE: FORG) is a global digital identity leader helping people simply and safely access the connected world. The ForgeRock Identity Platform delivers enterprise-grade identity solutions at scale for customers, employees, and connected devices.

More than 1,300 organisations depend on ForgeRock’s comprehensive platform to manage and secure identities with identity orchestration, dynamic access controls, governance, and APIs in any cloud or hybrid environment.

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