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A few words on surviving in the modern market environment by John Wenz from Eisai.

Businesses need to both change and grow to survive in the modern market environment. How procurement supports that change will be the key to its success moving forwards and indeed how it evolves will determine that success. Finding ways to ensure cost effective purchasing whilst building strategic partnerships will be the key as will the ability to ensure our internal clients maintain trust that the procurement team adds value whilst enabling them to drive the business.

How to achieve agile procurement? How to improve process efficiency and keep pace with accelerating change?

The world is moving fast in many areas and procurement is no different. We must find ways to engage with our customers, be selective as to which projects and suppliers we engage with to maximise effectiveness and also in utilising merging technologies to maximise the effectiveness of procurement teams.

Why it is important to invest in new talent and capabilities for the procurement function? How to attract new talent into procurement and retain it?

New technologies and applications will change how we all work and procurement is no different. Bots ordering from bots will become the norm so where do we fit in? Ensuring true value and quality will become as important as savings have been in the past so new staff need to be taught how to operate in this environment as businesses will still need to source goods and services etc.

What will procurement and sourcing look like in 2030?

Virtual and smart working will have become the norm so adapting to using modern technologies will be the key. Better supplier relationship management and ensuring ever tighter specifications will be the key to future success.

John Wenz, Executive Director Pharmaceutical Services at Eisai has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years living and working in local and international roles in Australia, France, India and the UK. He leads several functions in his current role including Procurement/Business Effectiveness, Business Intelligence, Business Solutions, Estates and IT for the EMEA region leading over 70 people. The procurement team consists of seven team members managing spend of £40m. He took over Procurement when it was seen as a blocker in the business and he has completely transformed the way procurement works, coming from the business himself, and the team is now seen as a partner enabling the business under his leadership. He is a keen sports fan and enjoys travelling, recently having visited his 100th country.

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