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Bouygues Telecom has implemented Proactive Quality programme that reaches the unsatisfied customers in order to identify in time that they require better customer experience and prevent them from leaving.

Is there a way to successfully prevent the customer churn? How do silent churners affect the company and what is your company doing in order to prevent this phenomenon?

For two years now, Bouygues Telecom has been leading a Proactive Quality programme. Using satisfaction surveys or technical indicators, we can target and contact our suffering customers and bring them solutions. The effect on customer satisfaction and churn is immediate.

How do you see the near future in the telco CEM? Will it be different from other industries?

Telco industry supplies a vital but extremely complex service: the Internet. From my point of view, the future is not about new technology but more about how to help make our customers’ digital life simpler and safer. Telecom operators have a real role – and legitimacy – in this objective.

What technology do you consider to have the biggest impact on the telco industry in the near future?

5G is naturally the next technologic gap for B2B but also perhaps as a relay for the Internet access in homes. But big data technologies can also help operators to offer an interesting personalised customer care.

Remi DUROY DE SUDUIRAUT is a Head of Service Usage Experience at Bouygues Telecom. After leading some Bouygues Telecom transformation projects, Remi started to manage Service Platform Team. With this technical and service experience, he took in charge the team leading the technical action plan to improve the customer experience on his service usage, with one objective for Bouygues Telecom: become the “best in class” of all France operators in customer experience.

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