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Removing the robotic effect from digital customer service

How is it possible to ensure that both agents and customers can get real-time information on orders, deliveries and services?

There are various ways how to attain this.

  1. In a Call Centre environment, it is extremely beneficial that the platform that customers use and agents use to assist customers is the same; a centralised system ensures that the source of information is consistent. This system can be an online platform or a mobile application, which provides up-to-date information to users (customers/agents).
  2. The portal that both types of users have access to should be integrated with a tracking system so that real-time information on orders and deliveries can be provided. Customers can track their orders and get updates on delivery times, while agents can track shipments and manage their delivery schedules.
  3. The same system could be used to push notifications to the users on any change in status, thus keeping the users informed at every step.

What are the best strategies for humanising the digital employee and customer experience?

Removing the robotic effect from digital customer service is something that every business should focus on. While robotics has eased customer service, customer experience can be severely damaged. We believe that the best strategies to having an agent handling digital channels keeping that human touch are by:

  • Matching the customer’s language – in terms of pitch and tone of voice.
  • Personalise the experience for the customer
  • Keep the customer engaged, and when the bot cannot answer offer human support such as live chat or phone
  • Storytelling also resonates well with customers – social media has become a very powerful tool in customer experience – by telling stories that resonate with customers, companies can build empathy and create a more human-like experience.

Overall, by keeping the ‘human element’ in the customer’s digital experience, the experience is more personalised, engaging, and empathetic for both the employees and the customers. In return, companies have a stronger brand.

What are the best ways to collect customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction?

When looking at customer feedback, as a company we believe that the key factor is time – when you collect the feedback, and the time needed for the customer to give the feedback. We live in a fast-paced world, so sending out long surveys a couple of days after the case is closed is often unsuccessful. We believe that the best ways to collect customer feedback are:

  • Customer reviews with customer rating your service good, fair or bad
  • Carrying out Surveys – ideally these are either a one question survey sent via email or SMS, or else, through an outbound calling exercise through random sampling.
  • Analysing Customer support interactions, such as phone calls or chat conversations, can provide valuable feedback on the customer experience

Overall, the key to collecting customer feedback is to make it easy for customers to provide feedback and to listen actively to their responses. Use the feedback to identify areas for improvement and make changes that will improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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Quality is a top priority, and the company’s rigorous quality control process ensures that every contact is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Centrecom offers flexible service options, including 24/7 omnichannel support, multi-lingual agents, and customised reporting, to meet our client partners’ requirements.

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