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Invest in your cloud transformation wisely

How sourcing and procurement experts could benefit from cloud-based products and services?

At Capefoxx we have built a Hybrid license calculator that helps determine how much companies can save by optimizing their cloud investment and adding relicensed software into their IT strategy.

How second-hand volume licences can improve cost-saving procurement strategies?

If you have a legacy strategy for perpetual licenses we can certainly optimise your savings with more than 70% of the cost of new licenses.  If you prefer to reap the benefits of the cloud we can optimise your cost saving with more than 30-50% of a pure cloud strategy.

What are the most common licensing challenges the experts face nowadays?

The prices of O365 have increased by more than 20% since March 2022. Although cloud is a smart technology, it has also proven to be very expensive and hard to budget for many companies. 

Download your free copy of the whitepaper to find out more about Capefoxx hybrid cloud and relicensed software model.

We are delighted to have Capefoxx joining our discussion at the 10th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit on 7th – 8th September 2022 in Vienna.

General info about the company:

The smarter way to license software

The process of buying and managing software licenses can be complicated, intransparent and expensive. Many businesses over-license, unaware that they are paying for software that is not needed. Others do not realise that legally compliant alternative solutions are available at a fraction of the price. Capefoxx supports companies along the entire software lifecycle, including consulting on optimising their IT infrastructure, providing cost-effective relicensed software and turning unused software into capital. Capefoxx is the easiest way to save money while investing into your company’s future.

A name that stands for agility                

Capefoxx was founded in 2020 with the mission to optimise the way companies buy, use and sell software in Europe. The name “Capefoxx” was conceived during the 2020 lockdown in South Africa, inspired by the native cape fox – an agile and independent animal that uses its cleverness and quiet observation to persist in a challenging and ever changing environment. The cape fox has large, pointed ears, so it can listen well. Much like the cape fox, we listen to our client’s needs, act independent from the large software companies, and solve challenges in an agile and unique way. As an important milestone in its evolution, Capefoxx acquired Relicense in 2021, one of Europe’s leading providers of relicensed software. As of mid 2022 the entire Group is operating under the Capefoxx brand.

Independent, transparent, and trustworthy

We believe our customers should have flexibility when it comes to licensing software. As an independent supplier, we help our clients select the best software and licensing models for their needs and lead with transparency in all that we do. As one of Europe’s most trusted sources for relicensed software, it goes without saying that we observe all legal and manufacturer requirements. By shedding light on what’s possible in software licensing, we help clients save money, achieve more, and thrive. With Capefoxx, everyone wins.

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