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Open Banking will certainly provide lots of new options and innovations for customers. But it is up to them how they will react to those.

What can we expect form open banking in the future?

Open banking will provide a range of possibilities to provide new services to customers within the payments area. In addition, it will open up for new players entering the payment space. How customers will embrace all these possibilities remains to be seen, but those providing the best customer experience will prevail.

How is customer behaviour changing as a result of more interactions with the technology?

Customers focus on simplicity, flexibility and security, and that must be our focus in the payments area, as we develop new solutions and services for customers based on new technology.

With new regulations coming how are we standing with PSD2?

We have spent the last two to three years discussing and interpreting PSD2. Now is the time to implement. The big question is; how do we create an experience that does not add more friction in the payment process? And will we be ready in time?

Morten SCHWANER, Head of Cards & Mobile Payments at Danske Bank has more than 10 years of experience in the card payments area as a specialist and project manager. Now he is leading Danske Bank’s development within cards and mobile payments.

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