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One Size Does Not Fit All In Multichannel Engagement

As in most other spheres, you need to find best strategies to implement for different channels. And your strongest weapon might just be content.

What are the key enablers in successful digital transformation?

Look at the future, not the past! Digital is not an option anymore, believe in digital as a key tool to arrive where customers are and transformation will become the present. Do not be afraid of change and especially of risks. Failure is key to learning new paths.

What are the key steps in becoming more customer-centric?

Always keep in mind who the customers and what their specific needs are.
Keep analysing customer behaviour and be ready to listen! Spray and Pray is not the solution.

How to achieve meaningful multichannel engagement?

Content is king always! Think of different channels as of different containers! Each container needs to have adapted content! Work on a good editorial plan, include different channels for different messages. One size does NOT fit all!

Elisa CRISAFULLI, Digital Customer Engagement Associate Director, has been working in MSD for 15 years. Most of which within the digital environment of the company, with also two years in an international role. Her extensive experience has allowed her develop a strong knowledge of the pharma digital environment. She has strong knowledge of all unbranded and social strategies and is now focusing on more branded digital strategic activities in support of MSD Italy.

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