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Paving the way to commercial excellence through adjusting to consumer’s needs and understanding their behaviour.

How could omnichannel transformation provide a more customer-centric, data-driven, digitally-enabled approach?

Omnichannel is the customer-centric, data-driven digitally enabling approach and should be understood by all internal stakeholders to be a true and committed transformation. By getting data from several touchpoints you have the ability to provide customers with a unique experience regardless of it being e.g., via e-mail, f2f or text message.

What role does advanced customer engagement analytics play in a future pharma Commercial Excellence?

Times have changed and so have the customers. The customer will become even more advanced in digital abilities so adjusting to their needs and understanding their behaviour will pave the way to commercial excellence.

Are there any new tools and models you are planning to put into practice to improve your sales force effectiveness?

Recently implemented a new CRM system and are still paving the road in our journey.


Ingelise will also be joining our 12th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness & Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit on 5th – 6th October 2022 in Berlin where she will be sharing her case study on Defining an Omnichannel Vision in the Daiichi Sankyo Nordics, speaking about starting the process towards becoming a digital organisation, their vision of the omnichannel strategy and what have they achieved so far.

Ingelise VAN WYK is a Commercial Head Oncology Nordics at Daiichi Sankyo. Throughout her career, she has been working in pharma in commercial roles primarily with launches within oncology and hematology. As Commercial Head of oncology in the Nordics, they focus on simplicity and converting high-level strategies into tactics that are tangible for people – people being colleagues, health care professionals but most of all for patients in a constantly changing and highly scientific environment. With the Nordic Daiichi Sankyo being similar to a start-up they collectively take part in defining the digital vision for the Nordics.

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