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There are two types of learning programmes you should provide to your employees: to teach them what they need to know for the job, and to offer them a chance to improve in what interests them.

What are the biggest challenges with talent acquisition going into future?

Right now, the automotive industry is going through a disruptive moment without precedents, which affects our product, organization and the way of work. In this scenario, we are convinced that to face this challenge of our sector, the engine of SEAT are people, both the current employees and the future candidates.
We need different profiles with new competences; mostly STEM and Digital Business profiles that would help us to design the future of mobility. On one hand, we strongly support our current employees to face this situation with different training and development programs. On the other hand, we have launched a comprehensive new Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Strategy, with different online and offline activations in order be attractive for and to connect with the “most wanted” profiles.

Innovative talent management programs: what have you already implemented and what are you expecting to launch in upcoming years?

We are reinventing the HR strategy, implementing new organization structure and developing different projects and initiatives.
Some of recent examples:
OKR’s: System to identify, manage and evaluate the employees’ performance, based on a model of definition, evaluation and continuous feedback of goals between employee and manager. Only applicable to SEAT Management.
On-Route: Program focused on the management and development of internal talent for promotion towards management or top management positions.
Always Learning: New training model for the whole workforce based on a method of continuous learning with two fundamental pillars: “I need it”, which includes a catalogue of training courses that are essential for the job and role of the employee, both currently and in the future. “I want it”, which includes a series of training courses focused on the personal or professional interest of the employee, beyond their current position.
Future competences: Project with the mission to identify future needs of knowledge and abilities, and to train the employees according to the transformation of some workplaces and the creation of new ones, which comes along with the transformation of SEAT’s core business.

What is the next big thing in leadership training? How do digital tools and techniques influence leadership development and learning?

Currently we are designing a new leadership model at SEAT.
In order to make the employee experience the most productive and satisfying inside the company, we provide them with the smartest, most flexible and most intuitive processes and tools.
Introducing of digital tools into HR field and staff management, allows us the achievement of both efficiency and agility in talent administration processes.
Moreover, the decision made by HR for digital innovation implies an approach to the strategy and to the business digital transformation, pushing towards a cultural change and placing the employee-centric approach in the organization through new monitoring, relation, apprenticeship, networking, development channels, etc.
The impact and implementation of new digital tools is therefore the key to ensuring that the organization and its employees remain competitive on this demanding, complex and changing scene

Oliwia PUPPEL, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, at SEAT S.A., VW Group holds a Bachelor´s degree in Psychology from the Jagiellonica University in Krakow, Poland. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she came to Barcelona to do an internship at Desigual and then continued working there for two years in the Human Resources Department. In 2009, Oliwia joined SEAT through the Trainee Program in the Human Resources Area. After the Trainee year, she became responsible for the Recruiting Department. Between 2013 and 2016, she worked as HR Business Partner for Research and Development Area. During that time, she started and completed her Master´s degree in Executive Management of Human Resources (Dirección Ejecutiva de Recursos Humanos) at the Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración (EADA) in Barcelona, Spain.
In 2017, she became responsible for the Employer Branding & Young Talent Programs in the Personal Development Department of SEAT. Since December 2018, Oliwia is the Head of the Talent Acquisition department at SEAT. Oliwia has more than 13 years of experience at a national and international level in Human Resources, of which she has spent almost 10 years at SEAT. She has led a variety of projects in the field of Personal Selection and Management. Currently she is implementing the new Talent Acquisition Strategy in the context of the transformation of the SEAT Company.


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