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By OLGA BUDIERI, Head of Customer Experience from Aramex.

As we witness the progression of the banking industry, new M&A activities, and growth of credit card users, new levels of technology and solutions are required to maintain interconnectivity, driving the need for expansion and digitalisation in ways that surpass traditional methodology. Digital banking statistics predict that the total number of online and mobile banking users will exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. In the UAE, the banking industry has been valued at AED3.095 trillion ($810 billion) in 2020, with 90% of the customers using online banking channels. (McKinsey)

Digitalisation in banking is providing customers with new and improved channels to complete their transactions, which has granted more access and coverage and increased the speed at which a service is provided. Approximately 82% of account holders mention their banks’ digital platforms as an important reason they have not switched financial institutions. (

Customer satisfaction is defined by three main elements, quality of service, confidentiality, and the technology utilised to ensure the aforementioned. By offering customers their preferred communication and delivery channels through digitalisation, navigating the changes in the industry became an achievable goal, proving that customer satisfaction is vital to the seemingly independent banking industry. In the UAE, 93% of banking customers indicated their satisfaction with the performance of their main bank, according to the UAE Banks Federation (UBF) Trust Index survey.

And while the banking industry is changing, so, too, could the partners that provide solutions to banks across the world. Resonating with the needs that came along with these changes, Aramex has enabled the digital transformation and innovated new, customised solutions in a way that placed it at the forefront of tackling any challenges that may face their banking partners.

Aramex’s banking vertical was able to anticipate these challenges and utilise a customer-centred approach to create solutions that can guide the industry’s dependence on end-user satisfaction and provide the tools needed to enhance the customer experience as well as the services and products offered.

What started as a mailroom, bank statement, and an interbranch solution has evolved into an integral part of financial entities’ process of guaranteeing excellent customer experience. Aramex has successfully expanded its methodology to meet the industry’s demands, opportunely integrating itself within the ever-evolving ecosystem and catering to the industry’s multifaceted needs. This is part of Aramex’s core values, a consistent drive to innovate and create that has allowed Aramex to understand and adapt to its customers agile business needs.

Capitalising on its consultancy experience, Aramex was able to optimise the supply chain solutions it provided to the banking industry by offering extensive security measures, Know Your Customer (KYC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), a wide range of payment solutions, and a WhatsApp chatbot, in addition to a partnership with banks that created a customised SME support programme. As a result of the above, Aramex has achieved an NPS value of 80%+ in 2019 for the biggest customers in the industry.

Aramex continues to proactively seek better operational effectiveness and efficiency, a practice that is supported by the deep-rooted belief that it is not about technology alone, but about supporting our customers’ growth and supporting their business endeavours. As of now, Aramex serves 19 banks across the GCC with almost 4 million annual shipments.

About Aramex:
Aramex (DFM: ARMX) is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1982 as an express operator, the company rapidly evolved into a global brand recognised for its customised services and innovative multi-product offering. Aramex today is a publicly traded company on the Dubai Financial Market, employing more than 16,500 people in over 600 locations across more than 65 countries

The range of services offered by Aramex includes integrated logistics solutions, international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, and e-services, including e-business solutions and Shop and Ship.

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