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X-fct collaboration in the MA area

What is the importance of x-fct collaboration for Medical Affairs?

X-fct collaboration delivers differentiated value to the HCPs, customers, patients and communities. Medical Affairs contributes through an integrated and coordinated collaboration model and serves as a strategic partner.

How does x-fct collaboration with different stakeholders and other departments look?

X-fct collaboration of field functions is best covered by the xKAM approach which stands for “cross-functional key account management.” It is a mindset and a process that brings multiple functions together into one voice to deliver value to our stakeholders and address business challenges. Business conduct, data protection, competitive intelligence, and compliant communication BC guidelines should be followed to ensure compliance.

In which way can Medical Affairs contribute to the organisation’s brand success?

Medical Affairs has evolved into a medical organisation with varied responsibilities, including insight generation, scientific interacting with key opinion leaders (KOLs), disseminating educational information on products or the therapeutic landscape, answering health care providers’ questions on product safety and efficacy with primary focus on patient’s care, publishing data from collaborative or corporate-sponsored trials, supporting research investigations and contributes as x-fct partner to the strategic plan of action for the success of the business.

Come join Karin at our 5th Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit, on 14th – 15th June 2023 in Berlin to hear her presenting their case study on Win as One Team: The Role of MA in X-Fct Collaborations

Karin Görner is a Director Medical Affairs, MS Lead HIV/IFI at Gilead Sciences. She has a PhD in Chemistry and 11 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in different positions within Medical Affairs. As a Director MS Lead for HIV and Invasive Fungal Infection at Gilead, Karin is managing 5 Medical Scientists. She is implementing an x-fct x-KAM structure and working on strategically effective Medical/commercial collaboration approaches.

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