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Data not only goes hand in hand with all the digital tools, but companies should also use data for personalised offers to their customers that match their needs and life styles.

How to best leverage data to meet the customers’ demands and create innovative products?

The knowledge of the customer through data is the main driver, and we use advanced tools for profiling and discovery of insurance needs. This is not only about technological platform, but it is about translating the available information in a specific commercial proposal, coherent with customers’ needs and life style. Our products are flexible, modular and they are designed on the life cycle of the customer.

We do not have one product for Home, one product for Accident & Illness and one for Health. We instead have a single “coverages container” and the customer can activate the specific coverages. He can also change his choice during the year, modifying, adding, eliminating coverages. With this approach, the customer can answer to his needs within the same system, avoiding coverages duplications and having the opportunity to discover also the “minor coverages” that are frequently not proposed with the classic approach.

The modular offer of Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, XME Protezione allows to capture the key elements of customer life style and, with a single product, provides an answer to the customer evolving needs in various dimensions (life, home, health,…).

What channels are the most effective when reaching the customers? Has this changed during the pandemic?

The growth experienced by Insurance Division of Intesa Sanpaolo is demonstrating that the recurring contact with the customer in a real integrated multi-channel approach is highly differentiating, providing better results than the traditional agency-driven approach. The key value driver is the contact frequency through the different touch points (Internet banking, app, customer centre), which make the customers more comfortable and independent in managing his insurance coverages, without relying on physical intermediary.

We are a bancassurance, and therefore we operate through a large network of physical branches on the Italian territory. But we started to work on the multichannel approach before COVID-19 and therefore, we were ready to manage the rapid shift in customer behaviours, leaving the choice of the channel to the customer for each specific activity, including insurance subscription and management.

Also after the peak of COVID-19, we observed an increased usage of customer care (over the phone) instead of the visit in the branch. This new behaviour demonstrates the increasing awareness of the customer and his willingness to be more independent in the choice of the coverages activated. This is just the start and we expect a New Customer, who will also compare and evaluate autonomously insurance products.

How can customer journey be improved for the insurance industry?

The are some words which more than others represent the challenges for the insurance industry in the next years: data analysis, modular product, multichannel, customer service.

On one side, the customer need to receive a proposal adequate to his needs, but on the other side the customer should have the option to know more about the products, buy and manage the coverages in a simple way, be updated on the claim almost in real time. Providing this customer experience is not only about the “beauty” of the single channels, but it is more about information availability, process design and customer service able to support the customer in answering to all the requests.

These are the principles of our bancassurance model and in particular of our Contact Centre.

Our service model, quality driven, is today digital and over the phone, but always based on a conversation with the customer.

Our call centres are organised in skill groups and not for products, and through a continuous effort in training are able to provide the highest standards (>90% answers within 20 seconds, churn rate lower than 1%, …) 12 hours per day (with availability also during Saturday) and thanks to the end to end management of core processes, are able to provide a resolutive service during the first contact.

During the 12th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit this October, Gianluca will be sharing more details on Bancassurance: Customer Centricity in Operations.

Gianluca PIPINO, Head of Portfolio and Customer Operations at Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura is active in the insurance industry since 2000, starting his career in AXA Assicurazioni (Actuarial, Risk Management and Planning & Control). In 2010 he joined Sara Assicurazioni as Organisational Director and then as Operations Director, leading strategic projects for network enhancement and costs optimisation. Since 2019 he is Head of Customer Operations and Portfolio in Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura. He manages the support for customers and branch personnel. He leads innovative initiatives for digitalisation and automatisation of operational processes, with impact on efficiency and costs.

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