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It is the overall employee experience that is the key factor to make sure you have and you will continue having potential candidates coming your way.

Do you see talent acquisition as the biggest challenge for the company? Is enhancing employee experience enough to solve this issue?

I believe we are moving away from benchmarking isolated TA practices as a gauge of our process maturity. While innovative, unorthodox approaches within TA are crucial, it is indeed the big picture of the overall employee experience that will help you keep those CVs flying in. And to achieve that, I am a big believer of cross-functional teams, rather than TA departments. This includes taking any exclusive licences to innovate away from just the functional experts and expanding them to a cross-functional ownership model.

What is the number one overlooked benefit of the talent management for the whole organisation?

Its culture-shaping potential.

Where do you see the future of talent management heading? What has been the key trend in HR and cultural transformation?

There is a bubbling soup of many important trends radically reshaping the very core of Talent Management before our eyes. Modern practices like agile methods, performance management without individual ratings, C&B models creating a safe space to fail, lateral careers, cross-boundary gig roles, diversity and inclusion, strength-based T&D, cross-functional autonomous teams and servant leaders are all actually mindset-shifting and need a deep culture change to actually work. Add to this all the expectations of the new generations and you can pretty much go and start building from scratch.

ANDREJ DRINOVSKY is a Group Talent Officer at Erste Group Bank AG. After completing a marketing internship in Germany, Andrej decided to switch to HR and help Dell in starting up the regional business center in Slovakia – a cross-functional, high-speed HR project. After a short time at Erste Bank’s newly acquired Slovak subsidiary (Slovenská sporiteľňa) he won Erste‘s first international Talent Management role in Vienna, Austria. Andrej’s tenure at Erste Group has become a journey across all areas of Talent Management, covering all target groups up to the top executive level. Most recently, his interests include agile HR, human-centric design, servant leadership and strengths-based careers. Andrej is a certified co-active coach, agile HR practitioner and has a PhD in management from Comenius University in Slovakia.


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