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This seems to be the only option for any health care provider who wants to maintain their status and keep patients in the centre of their focus

Why should pharma companies care about digital therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics represents a paradigm shift in health care. And if we want to keep our position in health care there is really only one option, that is to treat digital therapeutics development as we do pharmacological drug development.

Digital therapeutics marks the beginning of the era where we start handing back power to people regarding their treatments and active participation. Health care is being consumerised and people not only want, but expect to be included in the treatment options and the reasoning behind the therapy chosen. I like to compare it with home banking – I still remember when I had to go to banks to withdraw money, pay bills or transfer money between accounts. Now, my 9-year-old is comfortable transferring money between her savings account and the “spending account” and she will never understand how we used to do banking.

Further, digital therapeutics have the ability to be accessible to a much larger audience because of the nature of the delivery.

It is important for me to mention, that for some conditions digital therapeutics have the opportunity to be interchanged completely with pharmacological treatments, but for most people it will need to be an add on to the pharmacological treatment.


What do you think are the most promising technologies in the improvement of health care?

I think it is more about how the technologies are used. We already have more wearables and devices to connect to our smart phones than we can find actual use for (for now).

But if I had to point my finger to one technology I would point to decentralised blockchains. If ever there was a technology that could hand back power to the individuals it would be that. Allowing people to own their own health care data and who gets access to it would be taking it one step beyond consumerisation and democratise health care.

Join Tommy during our Digital Therapeutics and Pharma Summit this September for a chance to hear his insightful presentation on the topic: Can We Design a Digital Therapy to Supplement Pharmacological Treatment That Amplifies the Placebo Effect?

Tommy ANNFELDT, Associate Director, Digital 3rd Party Media and Innovation Europe, Canada and Partner Markets at Biogen is a trained Pharmacist and a former 1st Lieutenant in the armed forces, on a mission to make the world a better place. In parallel with his professional work, Tommy has spent his entire career trying to understand the impact new technologies have on human behaviour and how we can utilise that in health care. Pharmaceuticals are great at treating diseases – but it is time that we start treating humans by combining what we know of chemistry, pharmacology, and behavioural economics while taking advantage of the technological advancements at hand. After having spent 8 years with Eli Lilly as an international marketing manager and customer experience lead, Tommy joined Biogen 3 years ago to expand the strategic utilisation of digital 3rd party medias and to lead pathfinder projects designed to innovate customer engagements.

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