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If you want to be a successful intrapreneur within pharma/HealthTech, do not be afraid to be stubborn!

What are the key enablers in successful digital transformation?

A robust and/or unique patient/healthcare value proposition.

What are the key steps in becoming more customer-centric?

Know your customer intimately. Know their business at least as well as them, ideally better, and know the long-term trends in the market.

How to be a successful intrapreneur within Pharma / HealthTech?

Firstly, it takes patience and passion for an idea you can articulate in narrative and numbers. Additionally, a slight disregard for your career and what people of ‘authority’ think or tell you to do. In fact, some people just call it ‘stubbornness’.

Mark Milton-Edwards is responsible for the Product & Health Solutions within Digital Health at TEVA Pharmaceuticals. Ten years with TEVA and prior to that sixteen with AstraZeneca. Mark has held various positions including VP Sales & Marketing, Strategic Planning & Business Development and Global Brand Lead. He has graduated in Aeronautical Sciences and has completed his MBA at Durham University, UK. During his career he has led technology & especially inhaler development teams through engineering, CMC characterisation, clinical evidence generation, registration within US, EU and International Markets, and ultimately to successful global launches. Total Brand Leadership value >$2.5bn. Mark has numerous patents granted and pending in electronic communications, sports technologies, inhaled pharmaceutical development, and respiratory physiological function.

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