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A case study by Acolad

Download this case study to discover some insights on Acolad’s recent implementations in managing the clinical trial study translation process that brought them such results:

  • The time efficiencies resulted in a cost savings of 65%
  • The workflow efficiencies resulted in saving 3 weeksfrom the standard turn-around time
  • General cost reduction reached 50%, at the same time there were 20-30%savings in time typically needed to produce the materials for the studies

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Acolad is a dynamic and passionate leader in the global content space providing a full suite of content and language solutions, services and technology.
With content at our core, we address all content-related needs: from digitalization to globalization.
For decades, we’ve been committed to helping customers across key industries engage with their markets, increase revenue, and drive process efficiencies through cutting-edge content solutions and technology.
To guarantee an exceptional and seamless service, the Acolad group has a presence in 25 countries across Europe, North America and Asia, maintaining a strong partnership with over 20,000 professional language, learning and authoring professionals.

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