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Being the “first mover” is definitely considered an advantage in the environment of constant change and rapid speed of digitalisation.

How to pursue digitalisation projects to achieve operational excellence?

Digitalisation is not an objective. It is a “means”. Within DSM, we have defined a maturity road map. A road to achieve higher value from procurement. The utilisation of digital tools will be a key component.

What can industry 4.0 do for your business?

In an environment where changes occur with an increasing frequency and speed, the advantage of being the “first mover” is increasingly important. High digitalisation, robotisation and process alignment will not only make an organisation more efficient but will also allow the purchasing professionals to be more focused on the “external developments”.

Why it is important to invest in new talent and capabilities for the procurement function?

How to attract and retain new talent in procurement?
The role of procurement will continue to evolve. It will move away from the traditional processes such as PtP to strategic supplier management, etc. This requires different skills. Attracting professionals with the right skill set and training them will be the key. We value diverse perspective within DSM.

Lex Sips is currently Director Strategic Market Intelligence and Operations for DSM Procurement Excellence. Previously he has held positions in sales, marketing and in direct and indirect procurement. Over the years he has led the team which implemented various ERP platforms. He pioneered the development and implementation of best practices for supplier management/development, strategic sourcing and agile contracting. Lex holds an engineering degree in Industrial Engineering. He lives in the Netherlands and is married with three daughters.

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