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What has Ericsson implemented to ensure they can improve the relationships with their customers?

What are some of your best practices for creation and management of a loyalty strategy that distinguish you in the competitive markets?

Ericsson acts on a global arena and we see a need to have a local adaptation in order to be competitive. In one region, we have created a strong relationship with customers who graduate from the Ericsson MBA programme and then join the alumni community. You can find those people holding senior positions within customer organisation. Other examples on how to improve the partnership with a customer has been to have:

Facilitate user groups with the possibility to influence roadmap
Joint product development
Joint innovation labs
Early access to technology

What are some of the best practices for creation and management of digital engagement strategy?

Internally: Integrated tools and common processes between marketing and sales.
Externally: Segmentation of customers and relevant content in the right channels.

How to find the balance between technologies and humans in enhancing customer loyalty?

We live in the high-tech telecom industry where latest real-time tools including AI are used to create the best customer experience. However, in order to deepen relationship and build even stronger B2B partnerships we still rely mostly on F2F analogue activities.

CERAR YOUSIF is a Head of Experience Marketing at Ericsson. Cerar lives to mix things. As a side chore he DJs private parties while during daytime he runs a network of Experience Centres with more than 30.000 annual visitors. Marketing runs in his DNA always with closeness to customers with experience spanning from training, events, Business Development and now Experience Centres. He has totally transformed the current operations to run it more business-oriented by mixing offline and online activities in real time. It is like a party; the music NEVER stops!


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