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Firstly, you need to have a clear vision how it will affect your customers and operations. You also need to prioritise which are the main points for your customers but also your business.

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

At a corporate level, we do have a specific index, considering the main aspect of customer experience, we monitor on a quarterly basis (it includes connectivity, interactions, offers, price, etc.).
The main objective is to position Orange against competition and monitor progress. We have an objective to be the 1st operator in customer experience in more than 2/3 of our countries.
These countries have additional KPIs to monitor, to drive operations, but as a group we need to have a consolidation to ensure CX is integrated in local strategy/operations.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

We encourage countries to define 3 to 5 main differentiations/competitive advantages, ensuring they’ll always focus on customer attraction.
The two basic questions that you need your customers to answer are:
Why should I join Orange?
Why should I stay with Orange?

How are you implementing the Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

Implementing an omni-channel journey without a clear vision on how it will impact your business operations & customers has no meaning. Situation can be different from country to country, methodology to implement an omni-channel strategy is however always the same.
What are the main business benefits you want to deliver to your customers?
What are the most critical journeys you want to cover? (Most critical for your operations? Your customers?) You need to prioritize and move forward with additional journeys in a pragmatic & iterative way, which is always better than trying to get everything at once.
There is also another way to manage, but it could be longer, costly and complex to demonstrate the benefits. This situation could be different if you were starting a new business and you could think omni-channel from day 1, but when you do have a legacy, large number of offers & channels, it is quite complex to make it happen unless you rebuild your IS & Strategy globally; but who would accept to fund it?

Laurent RIGAUT, VP Customer Information & Personalisation at Orange has 20 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry with a variety of international assignments in Sales, Marketing, Online, CRM, & CEM Operations.
Just after getting his Master’s degree in Marketing & Strategy and some experience in USA (Insurance & NBA Franchise), Laurent started his career at France Telecom as a Head of Marketing in regional business unit. Then he joined corporate activities in 2002.
After an assignment at Orange France as a Customer Knowledge Manager, he was asked to lead Orange group CRM activities (B2B then B2C). Then he got the responsibility of Order to Delivery process optimization program, launching & managing a mutualized e-commerce solution across footprint. This deep and wide background made him the ideal candidate to have a leadership role in Orange group to lead one of the strategic programme on “Information based strategy”.
Laurent is currently managing customer information & personalization team as well as”corporate mutualized” digital enablers (operational & analytics) and 360 degree view & CEM programme to help operations to get all the needed information to consider customer on all decisions.

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