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Achieve first-class protection in a short time and with minimal resource requirements with Security-as-a-Service solutions

What are the main benefits of Security-as-a-Service platforms?

The use of a Security-as-a-Service solution does not require any additional hardware, software or human resources. The implementation and management of the security solutions is largely carried out by the service provider. This makes Security-as-a-Service the first choice when it comes to achieving first-class protection in a short time and with minimal resource requirements.

What challenges do data privacy and consumer protection laws bring in terms of cyber security?

Adherence to strict data protection requirements such as the GDPR, makes cybersecurity a technological and legal challenge. To ensure the protection of sensitive user data in this context, European companies should primarily work with European security providers who are under the jurisdiction of the GDPR. This ensures compliance with the legal requirements for data protection.

What are the biggest challenges in cybersecurity in the future?

Due to the ongoing trends of digitalization and cloudification, IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex, thereby making seamless IT security more difficult. In parallel, cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Cybercriminals increasingly combine different attack vectors such as DDoS attacks and ransomware to maximize their effectiveness. In addition, the growth in cybercrime-as-a-service is raising the threat level as it removes the entry hurdle for attackers without technical expertise. Companies are thus faced with the triple challenge of implementing holistic security strategies with limited resources in an ever more vulnerable IT landscape.

We are delighted to work on our 5th Annual Cyber Security Summit on 7th - 9th September 2022 in Titanic Chaussee Berlin together with our partners from Myra Security, who will also share their presentation on Mitigate, Analyze, Adjust: Modern Web Security Requires Agile Solutions.

The German technology manufacturer Myra offers a certified Security-as-a-Service platform for protecting digital business processes. The smart Myra technology monitors, analyzes, and filters malicious internet traffic before virtual attacks can do any real harm.
We protect the German federal government, insurance companies and banks, the healthcare industry and global e-commerce players. With our expertise and years of experience, we set the benchmark in the sectors of finance, government, health and critical infrastructure (KRITIS).
Myra technology is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to ISO 27001 “based on IT-Grundschutz”. We are one of the leading security service providers worldwide, meeting all 37 criteria the BSI has set for providers that protect critical infrastructure (KRITIS).

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