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Adopt a proactive approach to security and mitigate the everchanging risks

What are the main threats that enterprises face in 2023 – 2024, and how to mitigate them?

Despite having many security tools, most enterprises lack a clear view of the threats facing their organisations. Given the volume of possible threats, alerts, and security noise, it’s very difficult for security teams to consolidate, analyse, and connect the dots across security silos. Hackers are continuously exploiting this lack of coordination, collaboration, and automated response processes, finding gaps in enterprise security that can be avoided.

How does security look in the era of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence?

Hybrid cloud deployments are the new normal and should not adversely affect security, but it does require teams to adjust. Without direct control over cloud infrastructure, teams need to leverage extensive cloud APIs to track activity and find application-level threats to their data.

Artificial intelligence will be used on both sides of cybersecurity. Rather than shying away from it, security teams need to leverage learning models to sift through the security noise and identify actionable threats. AI should not replace human analysts but can free them from overwhelming repetitive tasks, so they can make smart, and immediate decisions on critical threats.

What tactics are crucial for organisations to secure their infrastructure against ransomware incidents?

Ransomware leverages a broad range of attack techniques that all need to be defended against. It’s critical that we identify potential, actionable threats early, correlate indicators of compromise across all our security tools, and create comprehensive detection rules that leverage AI to connect the dots and allow security teams to proactively defend themselves. Ransomware is a prime example of threats that require a proactive response – if you wait until the attack occurs, it’s too late to prevent expensive damage.

Cyware is a proud partner of our 6th Annual Cyber Security Summit, which will be held on 4th – 5th October 2023 at the MAXX by Steigenberger Hotel Vienna, where they will join us to present their own case study

Cyware helps enterprises transform security operations while breaking through silos for threat intelligence sharing, collaboration, and automated threat response. Its unique Cyber Fusion solutions enable lean security teams to proactively stop threats, connect the dots on security incidents, dramatically reduce response time, and reduce analyst burnout from repetitive tasks. Cyware improves security outcomes for enterprises, government agencies, and MSSPs, and provides threat intelligence-sharing platforms for the majority of ISAC/ISAO information-sharing communities globally.

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